The Inside Story

USDA Prime

The United States Department of Agriculture, or USDA, rates meat using strict standards: Prime, Choice, Select or Ungraded. The very best you can buy is Prime, chosen by USDA inspectors because of the small traces of fat, or marbling, running through the uncooked meat. The more marbling, the tastier and more tender the steak will be when you eat it. 

Family Ranch-Raised Beef

Augie & Sons relies on small American meat processors who have been partnering with single-family-owned cattle ranches and farms for generations. This is why we can control for high quality and consistency. We know where our meat comes from. Large conglomerates may be able to stamp labels on their meat but they can’t really assure consumers that their beef is all natural, pasture-raised and fed only the highest quality grass and grain. We can.