Extraordinary seafood flown fresh from Brazil, Scotland and Mexico. Awesome eating!

Brazilian Lobster Tails

You can search waters the world over for the tastiest lobster tails but we think the ones from Brazil’s warm seas are absolutely amazing. Trust us. We’ve been looking and we know what you like. For an at-home dining experience extraordinaire, go with these lobster tails.

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Scottish Salmon

Not all salmon are created equal. Forget the debate over farm-raised versus wild. Flavor is what counts here and we’ve found none to equal Scottish salmon. This is an Atlantic fish and the best we’ve tasted in the world. Even my kids, one pick-eater included, love it. The five-year-old asks for “the pink fish!” Fresh? My buddy flies this fish in from Scotland every other day. Fine dining for sure.

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Wild Caught Mexican Shrimp

World-recognized, this wild white shrimp from Mexico is absolutely awesome. Perfect for any recipe or occasion, from cocktail dippers to grilled, sautéed, breaded or sauced entrees, this choice of shrimp will set the standard in your home for every future party.

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