Our Partnership with Small Producers

Large consolidated meat producers can’t assure consistency or control for quality when they source cattle from many different farmers. Our beef is all natural from animals that have been pasture-raised and fed only the highest quality grass and grains. We partner with small farms and ranches that have been single-family-owned for generations. 

Our Family History

Since 1916, our family has been providing customers in the New York – Philadelphia area with high quality meats, fish, and homemade desserts.

Our Focus on USDA Prime

Our meat is the very best you can buy and these quality cuts are hard-to-find in ordinary stores or butcher shops.

Natural Aging Process

Naturally aged beef products are vacuum sealed in heavy plastic film and allowed to sit refrigerated for up to 28 days. The natural enzymes in the beef help to break down the muscle making for a deliciously tender end product.

Our Dry-Age Process

Dry-aged beef is left to age open air in a temperature and humidity controlled environment for 21 to 60 days. As it ages, the outer portions of the meat with dry and begin to darken. Throughout this process the excess moisture in the meat is released which pre-shrinks the meat and concentrates the flavor. Once complete, the exterior layer of dried beef is cut away to get to the heart of the meat that has been protected by fat and bone. Dry-aging produces a very distinct flavor, extremely tender beef and an eating experience usually found only at the very best steakhouses. 

Our Perfect Packaging

Vacuum-sealed in clear, state-of-the-art, plastic packaging, our products stay fresher longer in your freezer. All orders are shipped in a study white foam cooler, packed with dry ice and shrink wrapped for easy transport.

7 Day Door-to-Door Delivery

Order even seven days before a holiday and we’ll deliver on time. Guaranteed.

Corporate Gift Giving Experience

Call us to arrange for special corporate gift orders. We can tweak your purchases to suit your company’s needs.

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